Specialist 25-metre access equipment

Uniquely, we are the only roofing company in Scotland with a fleet of specialist tracked access machines up to 25m (or 7 storeys) as well as a team of highly skilled roofers operating them

As well as owning and operating our fleet of specialist cherry pickers for our own works, we also hire out our machines to other trades who require high level access – please call for more information.

Our machines can travel through tight spaces such as closes, pends and gates and into small rear spaces such as small garden areas where historically only scaffolding could be used.

They can be taken over open grassed areas with no damage to the environment.

They can be operated from a space the size of a small family car. This ensures minimal disturbance and reduces the need for disruptive controls such as road closures.

They can travel over gradients.

They can be operated silently using electric power.

REID ROOFING & ACCESS LTD from Reid Roofing & Access Ltd on Vimeo.

As well as for our own works, our machines are available to hire to other trades from plumbers, glaziers and electricians to tree surgeons and in fact can be a real benefit to almost all trades as well as surveyors.

These specialist high access machines are also available for hire


Whether you are looking for a re-roof on your home or are a Property Manager looking for high level roofing services, give us a call to discuss your requirements and our services in greater detail.