In the role of Property Manager, we understand it can be hard to keep customers happy, particularly in communal developments where there are a significant number of stakeholders.

The easiest way to keep residents satisfied and avoid complaints is to respond quickly, and keep costs and inconvenience low while still meeting complex and demanding Health and safety requirements.

Another vital requirement in keeping residents happy, is to ensure the job is fully completed. We commonly find work undertaken by other contractors to be only 80% complete – this is due to the wrong type of access equipment being used, for example lorry mounted access platforms. We guarantee our access machinery (specialist cherry pickers) enables access which ensures our jobs are always 100% complete.

Tracked high level access machinery offers multiple and substantial benefits over other access methods including traditional scaffolding.

As the owners and operators of tracked high level access machinery, we can help make your life easier by working to enhance your relationship with your stakeholders. By owning and using this machinery in our work we can:

  • Respond quickly including 24-hour emergency cover
  • Save time
  • Keep costs low
  • Ensure there are no health and safety issues
  • Access areas where other machines struggle to reach for example grassed areas and through gates and pends
  • Ensure that the job is 100% complete

Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss how our we can help you maintain positive relationships in your role as Property Manager.

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Whether you are looking for a re-roof on your home or are a Property Manager looking for high level roofing services, give us a call to discuss your requirements and our services in greater detail.